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We would like to invite you to have a look around our website and get inspired by the possibilities of what Microsharp's TraceMyWheel products can bring to your project. Whether you need a solution for personal tracking, trace and control vehicles, object protection or more advanced M2M solutions, Microsharp's TraceMyWheel can deliver it.

GPS/GPRS enabled GPS Tracker with advanced I/O. This will allow you to remotely track & trace and/or control a huge diversity of objects, machines and/or vehicles. Microsharp's TraceMyWheel is absolutely the most versatile and adaptive Track-n-Trace solution in the market today. Our clients use the TraceME hardware for the most diverse tasks.

It is truly an all-round performer and exceeds anything in the market currently available.

  • Microsharp's TraceMyWheel is available in different form factors (Key fob, O.E.M., Aluminium & custom made casing);
  • GPRS, UMTS, SMS, GSM, Wi-FI, RFID, E-mail;
  • Fully configurable administration tool;
  • Event driven, can run custom code, remotely configurable;
  • Connect M2M to any device;
  • G-shock detection, temperatures, tilt, motion, iButtons, mobile phones, camera's;
  • See the rest of the site for the full options!

Please contact us if you want to discuss your ideas!

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